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Green Movie Program #1


14/06/2017, 21:30 - 22:00

Location: Park 100. Brigade

Organizers: Maja Subotić Šušak & DDZ

— Meet the Earthship (directors: Flora Lichtman and Katherine Wells, short film, 2016, 7′)

Taos, New Mexico. We follow the community which lives in the houses made of recycled waste, constructed by Michael Reynolds. They call their homes Earthships and describe them as radically sustainable.

— Guerrilla Architect (production: Al Jazeera, short documentary film, 2014, 25′)

This is one of the episodes of documentary series Rebel Architecture, with a focus on presenting the architects who use design as a platform for dealing with the crises of urban planning, social and environmental problems, who believe that architecture can do a lot more than just produce luxury buildings. They’re moving away from elite architecture towards working for all of humanity. This episode deals with the work of Santiago Cirugeda, a subversive architect from Sevilla who dedicated his life to returning urban spaces to public.