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When will Martićeva Become a Pedestrian Zone?


16/06/2017, 18:00 - 19:00

Location: Zeleni Ratkaj, Ratkajev prolaz

Organization: 1POSTOZAGRAD
Moderator: Saša Šimpraga

Every time space is made into or used as a cultural environment, this reflects social circumstances. The example of central Zagreb’s pedestrian zone makes obvious the change that has, with time, metastasized, and manifests itself in the growing lack of open public space and the fact that the city is actually, being rented out.

Urban public space gives us a physical framework to act in, and greatly influences this action. In other words, the urbanity itself is greatly defined by its spatial parameters. In that sense, a city’s character is inseparable from its physical setup, the way it’s shaped and activated. The discussion will be focused on the pedestrian zone of Lower Town – its coverage, form, equipment, the ways it’s organized and managed, and especially the possibility of expanding it to Masarykova and Martićeva streets.

The guests will be art historians Snješka Knežević and Krešimir Galović, architect David Kabalin, designer Vedran Kasap, and anthropologist and sociologist Vladimir Halgota. The moderator for this discussion will be Saša Šimpraga.

Saša Šimpraga is a space analyst, publicist, and activist, and the leader of the 1postozagrad (1%forthecity) platform.