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Technique: Book-binding, Primitive Print, Silkscreen


16/06/2017, 12:00 - 19:00

Location: Dom Sindikata grafičara, Brešćenskoga 4

Organization: BIRO
Mentors: Irena Bakić, Ivana Bugarinović and Andrej Karavanić

The Book Bindery by Irena Bakić is a demonstration of various book binding and paper object design techniques. Attendees are invited to join the binding or bring their own material for binding (for example, their own texts or drawings, spare catalogues and magazines, unsorted paper…). The Book Bindery is accompanied by a small exhibition of “unneeded” books. Irena Bakić is an architect from Zagreb.

Primitive printing by This Town Needs Posters is the presentation of manual and primitive techniques such as intaglio and deep printing, but also finishing techniques such as blind stamping. The techniques and tools are the results of long-time experimentation, and thus represent a specific way of interpreting common printing techniques. The visitors will be able to find out everything about the techniques used by This Town Needs Posters, as well as see some examples of the printed materials. This Town Needs Posters is an independent design-printing duo,

At the Silkscreen Printing workshop by Ivana Bugarinović and Andrej Karavanić, attendees will be able to familiarize themselves with screen printing posters and t-shirts, and the classic hand-printing system with a screen prepared ahead of time and textile dyes. Andrej Karavanić and Ivana Bugarinović, apart from their profession, also share a screen printing shop. Ivana graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and has started a workshop doing exclusively “punk” printing. The workshop has been open for two years, and has so far produced t-shirts, posters, vinyl-record covers, and many other wonders!