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Small Print Shop


Small Print Shop, younger children:
17/06/2017, 10:00 - 11:30

Location: Dječji vrtić Medveščak, Vojnovićeva 15

Mentors: Alexandra Matz, Sanda Voloder, Dijana Dumančić, Martina Malić


The Small Print Shop is intended for children to help them discover how much fun and potential to express themselves there is in printing. The workshop will take us to the past to study analogue printing techniques and let the kids work with their hands to unleash their creativity. They will be shown printing methods like monotype and linocut, and use improvisation and experimentation to create their own individual pieces and a group work.

The workshop is inclusive for all vocations, and open freely to children with developmental difficulties, who will have ensured professional assistance from educational rehabilitators, members of the workshop team. We will be using water-soluble paint, and ask the parents to provide their kids with clothes that they can mess up while working.

Alexandra Matz is a user experience design researcher by profession, and is a big visual communications design and analogue printing enthusiast. Her favorite techniques are screen printing, linocut, and colorful prints. She leads printing workshops for children of different ages and for students. Sanda Voloder is an educational rehabilitator, and she especially works with children with developmental difficulties. Having discovered a passion for design, architecture, and art, she attends drawing and painting classes while being a student, and finishes a graphic design course. She combines the skills acquired from different disciplines and refines them into a motivational approach to working with children. Dijana Dumančić is a graduate of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in Zagreb and works with children with developmental difficulties. Martina Malić is marketing graduate on a mission of coordinating her career with a personal lifestyle that includes a holistic approach to the health of children and adults. She is learning by taking various classes, reading current literature, and turning her knowledge into experience by sharing what she learned. 

Special notes: By applying for The Small Print Shop workshop, you agree to the following: The workshop organizers and instructors bear no responsibility for any accident that may happen during the event, on the way to or from the event, nor do they bear responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal effects of any kind. The full responsibility for the supervision of the children is on the parents or any other adult guardian at that moment, not the organizers or the instructors of the workshop. Statements, explanations, and information provided by the instructors are intended only for the immediate work in the workshop or the event, and will not be used for any other purpose. In the case of an accident, the representatives (parents and/or guardians) of the participant are obliged to rationally approach the situation and help in removal of any damage made.