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Whisper of Walls


16/06/2017, 14:00 - 18:00
17/06/2017, 11:30 - 14:30

"Whisper of Walls" final presentation:
17/06/2017, 14:30 - 15:00

Location: OŠ Dr. Ivan Merz, Račkoga 4, dvorište

Organizer: Shadow Casters
Mentors: Anja Pletikosa & Vedran Senjanović

Children from the age 8-13 will, as part of the workshop, completely ‘ransack’ the neighborhood. They will search every building entrance, bench, and street name. They will crawl into every space once full and now completely empty. They will learn why Martićeva used to be the street of paints, lacquer, and car parts, and today it is a creativity and design center.

The collected materials will then be shaped into unique multi-media forms, with a final presentation for any who oppose them. The Wall Whispers workshop will teach children to observe space and explore visible and invisible choreographies of the city they live in, as well as collect its audiovisual characteristics. The attendees will also learn to observe the world around them, and see the city and its spaces as a common good of all citizens. In addition, children will learn about their rights and human rights in general, using the knowledge of urban anthropology and ethnology and being introduced to new technologies.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADERS: Anja Pletikosa is a dramaturge by profession, meaning that she works in the theater. But, Anja also does everything else – she writes about a million texts a year, corrects others’ spelling mistakes, works with children, writes scripts, and regularly rolls dice. If you take a walk with Anja down the street, she will surely tell you various stories about the buildings, parks, and corners. Sometimes they are true, sometimes not. With Anja, you never know if she’s joking or serious.

Vedran Senjanović is half man, half DVD recorder. Joke! Maybe he’s half hard-disk. A journalist by profession, Vedran soon realizes that he prefers recorded words to written ones, so grabs a camera and starts filming. Then editing. Then making his first movie. Then working with children and youth. Then make other people’s movies and… Soon Vedran becomes the manager of multi-media activities wherever he finds himself.

The Shadow Casters are a non-profit organization from Zagreb with multiple awards, which has, during the 16 years of its activity, realized more than 150 partnerships with professionals from more than 30 countries around the world, and actualized more than 50 educational, theatrical, and cinematographic projects and manifestations on 4 continents. With success and without difficulty, they intertwine international cooperation, theatrical performances, urban intermedia projects, activism, teaching activities, video-art, and curator work into a complete artistic activity.

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