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Mapping smell


15/06/2017, 10:00 - 14:00

Location: Pogon, Mislavova 11

Mentor: Barbara Šolić

Human experience of nature is generated through the processing of information from different sensory modalities. Each sense creates a distinctive connection with its environment. Because all sensory information is beyond the bounds of language, to describe the distinct smell of a neighborhood seems like an impossible task. What can we learn from and how do we process information about our environment through a dog’s perspective?

Mapping Smell proposes an alternative use of sensory modes for individual and collective (re)interpretation of a specific location. The workshop invites participants to investigate the neighborhood through the sense of smell. By using creative documentation methods during a smell-walk, participants will map the Design District anew. The idea is to assemble the individual interpretations after the workshop, in order to create a collective smell-guide book.

Barbara Šolić was born in Zagreb (1991.) before moving to The Netherlands at a young age. After enrolling at the KABK in The Hague, she continued her study at The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she is currently completing her BA degree in Painting. Her interdisciplinary research largely deals with rethinking aspects of our lives as humans in the 21st century, drawing strong influence from practices such as speculative design and other forms of sociocultural inquiry. Her work has been part of several exhibitions and festivals in Croatia.

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