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LADO, Performance:
13/06/2017, 20:00 - 20:30

Location: Meštrovićev paviljon, Trg žrtava fašizma 16

National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO is a professional folklore ensemble, founded in 1949 with the task of research, collection, artwork and stage presentation of the most beautiful examples of rich Croatian music and dance traditions. Their 36 top dancers, who are also outstanding singers, are easily transformed from a dance ensemble into a representative folk choir, and 15 of their great musicians play 50 different traditional and classical instruments. The LADO Ensemble also owns a unique collection of original folk costumes of extraordinary value and beauty (over 1200 sets), so each LADO concert, including song and dance, is also a kind of revision of the original Croatian traditional costumes. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Piece of Zagreb” and on the occasion of the beginning of the Design District Zagreb 2017 festival, we will be honored with LADO’s vocal and instrumental performance at 20:00 in front of Meštrović’s pavilion, i.e. in front of the popular “Džamija”. The repertoire of the songs is announced as a surprise!