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Antun Maračić: Emptied Frames ― Vanished Contents, 1991-1994-2017


15/06/2017, 18:00 - 18:30

Location: Ratkajev prolaz 5

Author: Antun Maračić

Artist, curator and a publicist Antun Maračić has made a ‘remake’ of his piece ‘Emptied Frames ― Vanished Contents, 1991-1994-2017’ from the 90s, which he presents as a part of DDZ festival. The visitors can see this ‘ready-made’ pieces with a strong symbolic sensibility all around the neighborhood and beyond.
“These are empty frames and plates from the facades of buildings in Zagreb that were used for bearing plaques with information about various services available in a specific building (legal office, dentist’s surgery, cobbler, etc.) It was around 1991, the first year of the war, that I started noticing these empty frames. Although the war destruction was not a direct cause of these empty items, to my view they were a subtle sign of those times, and a few years later I decided to claim them as my works. I inserted little plaques with my name and titles into twenty or so frames spread around the city and so ‘gave’ a new ‘content’ to the void.

Two decades after the first action of recording the empty frames, I began to notice them again, all over the city and decided to do remake of it. In the present age, these empty frames seem to become metaphors of a new wave, in the peacetime devastation.”

Antun Maračić

Photographs: Nina Đurđević


Ratkajev prolaz 5
Bauerova 12
Kneza Mislava 20
Martićeva 14
Martićeva 40
Račkoga 9
Trg žrtava fašizma 11
Vlaška 90
Zvonimirova 3