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Gradski ured za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj Grada - ZG Forum

Main partners


Franck is one of the most successful Croatian producers and exporters of food products - coffee, tea and snacks - which has a tradition lasting more than 120 years. Franck's story begins in 1827 when a young and ambitious German businessman Johann H. Franck first managed to process medical herb chicory into substitutes. The factory was opened in Zagreb in 1892, the start of activities was built precisely upon Johann H. Franck's idea of turning chicory in substitutes. Many generations grew up with Franck products and today, 120 years after the founding of the company, the name Franck means a guarantee of top quality.


HEP Group is the leading company for power generation, transmission, distribution and supply in Croatia. HEP is a vertically integrated power utility company, operating across the entire electricity market spectrum from generation to end-consumer distribution. As part of its operations, the Group is also engaged in thermal energy (heat) generation, distribution and supply, gas distribution and supply on the wholesale and retail markets in Croatia, as well as in electricity trading.


Strongbow is world’s number one cider – surprisingly refreshing, sparkling alcoholic drink made of ripe apples, with rich fruity taste. It is perfect for sunny days, when in park or terrace relaxing with friends and planning vacations or party while enjoying sunset. It is most appreciated by individuals who love life in the city, but also enjoy a breath of nature.

Professional support

Association of Architects Zagreb

Croatian Architects Association

Local partners

OPA - organizacija za planiranje i arhitekturu

Miroslav Kraljević Gallery

Millenium promocija plus d.o.o




Demode is a relatively young web & design studio, founded in September 2008. Through the following years, it gathered and nourished experts who had, until then, been acquiring their designer and marketing experience in several large Croatian companies. The studio has grown from the initial two to todays' ten employees, and we are always ready to welcome new talent. Our knowledge and experience in the fields of graphic and web design and marketing has been proven through our work on different assignments for several succesful companies in Croatia and abroad. We do our best to keep up with the global trends in the fields of design, technology and marketing. A cutting edge computer and telecommunications' equipment as well as constant investment in the knowledge and skills of our team allow us to keep our ground and master new challenges in the ever-changing business enviroment of today.

Muzej za umjetnost i obrt

Zagrebački Holding

Media partners

Jutarnji list

As a modern, pro-active, liberal, individualistically-oriented newspaper, through a series of articles and columns Jutarnji list reports daily and promotes the most important social values, breaks prejudices, demolishes myths and encourages critical thinking about social processes. Readers recognize Jutarnji List as the newspaper that can provide them with quality information and objective analysis first, while giving a different view of key events and processes.


Büro 24/7 Croatia was launched three years ago as a contemporary online platform and ever since we pride ourselves in covering the latest events from around the world and regionally in fashion, beauty, music, film, theatre, contemporary art, literature, travel, social life and much more with the aim of providing readers with breaking news from the region and the world from a unique cutting-edge perspective and offering the most relevant contemporary content. The Büro 24/7 platform has become a globally recognized brand with offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia and Croatia being the first international franchise in the Büro 24/7 family. Over the past three years Büro 24/7 has established itself as a leading lifestyle platform on the Croatian media scene with distinguished and trustworthy information and exceptional visual presentation.

Vizkultura continuously and engagingly, in a unique manner, accompanies the local and regional scene of contemporary visual art. The focus of the portal is fine art, graphic and product design, architecture and space, photography, film, illustration, street art, new media and other related areas of contemporary art, visual culture and society. Its content, concept and scope support artists, authors, projects and events contributing to visual education, society, and quality artistic and cultural themes, thus enriching media space with quality content. Vizkultura's project Plakatiranje, a continuously growing series of posters by local and regional artists, designers, illustrators and other creatives, brings together more than 120 pieces and has been exposed at many festivals and exhibitions in Croatia and the region.

Tportal is one of the leading online news and entertainment media websites in Croatia, offering content and services both through web and mobile. The site covers politics, business, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, culture and local news. The seriousness and relevance of is confirmed by relevant market research and its loyal audience. Numerous columnists and bloggers write reviews weekly from areas of politics, economics, culture and lifestyle. s one of the most visited news websites in Croatia, records over 40% monthly reach and more than 55 million monthly page views and includes various features and services such as a phone book, networked online games and an active forum for visitors to exchange their views on different topics.


Since its first issue on December 14, 1990, Globus continues to be the most important, most popular and most influential political and economic weekly publication in the country, which has, to this date sold a total of over 60 million copies. Globus is a modern European news magazine that offers a wide range of topics from politics, current issues and business to culture and art, as well as global trends of life, environment, design, architecture and gastronomy from week to week.


Every week, guided by high standards of quality of content and form, professionalism, authentication and exclusivity, as a chronicler of social events in the region, Gloria approaching readers with lives of famous, successful and publicly prominent people from the world of show business, film, sports, art, fashion, nobility, science and entrepreneurship.

Gloria IN

Every Saturday in package with Jutarnji list, Gloria IN presents the latest products you can buy in Croatia as well as innovations on the global market. For already seven years, Gloria has been the most widely read and best-selling shopping guide!


The Croatian edition of Forbes magazine is a reliable source of important information, a guide through all the changes that will follow in the near future. One of its primary tasks is to spread positive ideas about business to entrepreneurs in a society where success is still considered to be the result of illegal activity. Forbes publishes stories about the positive side of success. How did they manage? Who are they? Where did they come from? What schools did they attend? Which universities and professions promise the most brilliant career? Are there clear rules for business success? Or, in short: what does one have to do to be able to make Forbes list of the most successful and richest Croatian business people? Forbes magazine has been launched in order to timely find out what is happening with us and around us.


Oris House of Architecture is a place of meetings, socializing, creativity and good vibrations; a place for promoting architecture, design, art and culture. In the attractive area of over 600 m2 is a multimedia hall, reading corner Forcimer, offices of the Oris magazine and the web portal and restaurant Voncimer. The multimedia hall with 156 seats is designed for professional lectures, seminars, conferences, presentations of products and services, exhibitions, cultural manifestations and workshops. The library and readers’ corner Forcimer, apart from its publications, offers more than 150 foreign and domestic magazines and numerous architectural and cultural monographs. The guests of the restaurant club Voncimer will have the pleasure of sitting in unique chairs which were donated by architects from all parts of the world, from Japan, through Scandinavia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Time Out Croatia

Time Out is the trusted global platform that inspires and enables people to experience the best of their city (as a locals or tourists). Operating in 107 cities, across 39 countries, it has a monthly global audience reach of 95 million across all platforms. A long way from it’s London launch in 1968 as the world’s first ‘What’s On’ guide. No one knows urban life like Time Out because we’ve been discovering the brilliant and searching out the secret and extraordinary for nearly 50 years. If you want to know about food, attractions, art, culture, shopping and nightlife, then Time Out is your social companion, putting the very best of the city in the palm of your hand. Time Out’s content on Croatia is used and trusted by over one million urban individuals from more than 100 nations (tourist and business visitors) every season to find the best of Croatia. No one else has this audience.

CRO Life Magazin

The idea for Cro LIFE was born from a great love of a few world travelers towards new cities, restaurants, clubs, festivals, customs, music - the best of the best a country can offer to tourists and its citizens. In major cities of the world, we always found monthly guides to the best events and points of interest. We decided that Zagreb and other Croatian cities are a very interesting world for both locals and tourists alike, and that Croatia deserves a guide, too. New issues of the magazine come out every month no later than the third of the month, bilingual and free to all readers and printed in 10.000 copies. The magazine is distributed throughout all major cities of Croatia at info points of tourist boards, most visited bars and restaurants, hostels and hotels, clubs, cultural centers and events - at more than 150 places across Croatia.

Croatia Week

Croatia Week is one of the world’s leading portals with dedicated current affairs, sports, business, politics, and arts and culture news from Croatia in the English language. Whatever your affinity with Croatia, be it a holiday, a business trip, you live in Croatia or are one of the millions of Croatians that live overseas, our aim at Croatia Week is to keep you connected with Croatia. Based in the Croatian capital Zagreb, our team of journalists and contributors provide a combination of current events and interesting interviews and reviews to give you a unique insight into Croatian life today. Croatia Week currently is read in over 70 countries around the globe and is considered one of the most respected sources for Croatian news in the English language.

Man and Space

Informative and up-to-date, the magazine Man and Space (Čovjek i prostor) of the Croatian Architects Association has stayed faithful to the idea of interdisciplinary work and the integration of related topics in architecture, urbanism, design, art and industrial design from its first issue in 1954. Although primarily intended for architects and those devoted to architecture, through its years of publication it has taken its place as an influential source of fresh information, knowledge, insights and new tendencies, and has become the initiator of issues, questioning, debates and comments the present, past and future local and international architectural scene. is an online magazine dedicated to design, a pioneering project launched in Serbia, which has become a reference platform for communication after six years of existence.

Just Zagreb

Just Zagreb is the first specialized site about Zagreb on English language, dedicated to foreigners and locals alike, bringing news, events and stories about Croatia's capital and people who live in it. You might call it a tourist site, but Just Zagreb wants to think itself as so much more. The site is here to make sure you know about the latest news, events and service information needed to make your stay a pleasant one filled with rich experiences, but we also want to share stories from local communities, stories from individuals that make the city what it is, to go beyond classical tourist backdrops, and tell the world of a lively, sprawling city, its way of life, its history and culture, the amazing people who work, create and live here. Just Zagreb is made of people who love their city, and want to share that love, its undiscovered potentials and diversity, with the world. Our mission is to make people feel Zagreb the way we feel it, and the way it feels back.

Croatia Airlines Inflight Magazine

Croatia Airlines issues a travel magazine that promotes Croatian culture, heritage, natural beauty and diverse attractions of the country. In its promotion of Croatia it also seeks to inform travelers and the general public about selected professional topics on aviation and the life of the company and to provide support to Croatian tourism. The magazine, published since 1994, often provides the passengers a first contact with our country by providing them with the first information about Croatia, and it's also shared with agents and representatives at international tourism fairs, shareholders, the media and so on. The imaginative and current topics from the magazine accompanied with quality photographs are also a part of the relaxing program that is broadcasted on the video system of the aircraft company. It's important to emphasize that the newspaper's visual identity as an integral part of the visual identity of the company, successfully transmitting national characteristics and contributing to the recognition of our country in the world.

Yammat FM

Yammat FM is made up of an experienced team of media professionals who have produced some of the most famous, most played and most award-winning radio programs throughout the past three decades. Gathered under the name Yammat FM, it aims to position itself as an active media partner of the local community and promoter of European values in all segments of society. Yammat FM believes that radio should be returned to its basic fundamentals offering true information, quality content, openness to communicate with listeners, better integration into society and the environment, and last, not least, quality entertainment.

B1 Plakati

The company B1 PLAKATI was founded in 1998. By then marketing and promotion struggled with the problem of congestion of communication channels. Customers were looking for new ways of reaching clearly defined target groups. In the sea of worn media, we sought innovation. B1 PLAKATI were formed precisely to meet these needs.From the beginning it was clear that the design of the poster crucial to convey a message to the exact target group. The poster is not transmitted only written text as a message, but also the feeling, emotional message that lets you connect to the product. The same message can be transferred to a myriad of ways, depending on the creative solution of the poster to be adapted to the target group. B1 PLAKATI cover various target groups in each of our areas of advertising such as: public transport, educational and higher education institutions, hospitals, pharmacies and health centers, business towers, veterinary institutes, and beaches.


Presscut d.o.o. is a specialized media monitoring agency established in 1989. We monitor all Croatian media – print, Internet portals, radio and TV shows. Currently, more than 500 active clients and business partners use our services, and over the years we have acquired a rich experience in working with clients from various fields. In cooperation with our partners we are able to monitor media from countries in the region (Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro).


Medianet is a company specializing in the evaluation of communication, marketing and market research with nearly 20-year tradition. As the only full member of AMEC from the region, for many years the company has participated in the creation of principles and standards of measuring the effectiveness of communication at a global level. In response to the needs of the market and our customers in cooperation with experts we constantly develop new products and tools and software that we use in everyday work. Combining Medianet's service of media analysis (impact of public communication on the perception of a brand/services), analysis of social interactions, measuring experiences, attitudes and behavior of consumers (opinion poll) and the actual quality of service (mystery shopping), it is possible get a quality image of the positioning of each brand and service among consumers.


At the time of the new trends in communication, domination of online, social media, and real-time marketing, imagine a tool that monitors and analyzes media in real time. Using Metricom, follow the most current events and reactions of people just minutes after they’re published. Metricom’s indexes over 46,000 releases a day, every day - more than 6,000 articles from 185 regional portals and more than 400,000 publications with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram), forums and web portals. The tool is based on the Croatian language model and self-indexing pages that are searched, which allows a greater accuracy of results and faster reporting. Metric monitors Facebook and Twitter profiles exclusively from the region and hand-picks for its database.