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Learn about all of the things that make life in the neighbourhood great — places you should visit, people you can meet, and events which you shouldn’t miss.



PULS*AR was established in December 2013, as a new initiative by principal architects with a collective wealth of experience built through their individual careers, each stretching back almost twenty years. Together, they encompass a wide range of varied concepts, designs, and built developments, winning them international recognition and a host of prestigious awards.

Program bar

The bar Program is located on the site of a former charming Divas bistro. Saša Žerajić, the ever-present and loved face of the bistro, who worked there since the opening, decided to create his own concept in the same place. 

Atelier Ane Barbić Katičić

Ana Barbić Katičić has been exhibiting independently and collectively in Croatia and abroad (France, Belgium, Israel) for 15 years (since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb). So far she has exhibited 20 times independently, and is a member of Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association.

Home of Printers’ Trade Union

The printmakers’ and publishers’ union is, with its 147 years of constant activity, the oldest union in Croatia and beyond, established as the Croatian Typographic Society.

Kreativni centar Ledana

Unutrašnjost bloka u Bauerovoj 19 jedan je od primjera dugogodišnjeg nastojanja za očuvanjem bivšeg industrijskog kompleksa tvornice leda kao prostora od javnog značaja, a protiv pokušaja njegove privatizacije.


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Otvorene prijave za sudjelovanje u radionicama @DDZ2017

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Croatian National Bank Doors Open Days

Designed by the renowned Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić, the building of the Croatian National Bank was opened on 18 June 1927 to accommodate the Zagreb Stock and Commodity Exchange, the forerunner of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

DDZ 2017: Odabrani finalisti za Hacking IKEA natjecanje

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DDZ 2017: Ratkaj’s Passage is becoming Green Ratkaj!

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DORJA AND IVAN BENUSSI: If you make an obvious mistake, you have to be able to stand by it

“We’re in the process of clearly defining what it is that we do and who we should talk to, as well as how and what to communicate altogether. In principle, we are interested in a wide context of design, since we, as a graphic designer with experience in photography and a product designer, are a strongly compatible combination.”

VLADIMIR DODIG TROKUT: I see the city as living organic tissue

“As a space, the city itself is dead if there’s no possibility of active living in it, like the possibility that this neighborhood had. The exact reason I moved to Tomašićeva Street is that I found this potential here.

ZORISLAV PETRIĆ: We have to maintain contact with the world

“We have a tendency to live in a balloon that can grow to become our ghetto, which is not good. A man has to sometimes take a tram ride to get a feeling about where exactly he lives.

LUCIJA ŠERBEDŽIJA: The spirit of the old city still lingers

“I can say that the ‘hood is alive during any season. It’s alive in the fall, when the traffic in one of the streets in the neighborhood closes down for a day, and we, the neighbors, organize an open-air party.

Is ‘Sgt. Pepper’ the single most important album in rock history?

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Matko Vladanović’s Strip-tease with Aleksandar Zograf

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From Donji Vakuf to Booksa (across Egipt)

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Zvi Hecker exhibition: ‘I draw because I have to think’

On Tuesday, 9 of May, at 7 pm the exhibition Zvi Hecker: I draw because I have to think will open in Oris House of Architecture in presence of architect and author of the exhibition Zvi Hecker.

Poziv na sudjelovanje: HACKING IKEA 2017.

Festival Design District Zagreb u partnerstvu s tvrtkom IKEA Hrvatska organizira natjecanje HACKING IKEA, a rok za prijavu je 17. svibnja! Pozivaju se svi zainteresirani kreativci, neovisno o dobi i statusu (profesionalni dizajneri, studenti dizajna, ‘uradi sam’ entuzijasti, umjetnici i ostali) da se uključe u projekt stvaranja novih jedinstvenih rješenja ‘hakiranjem’ postojećih IKEA proizvoda i pridruže velikoj svjetskoj zajednici ‘IKEA hakera’.


Bagdad is a severely dilapidated industrial building of uncertain origin, ownership, and purpose, half-built and never finished, located in the large inner courtyard of Vlaška 79-81 A, on three floors with the impressive total area of 4200 m2.

Slavic Bank Building

The monumental bank palace situated at one of the busiest intersections in the narrow city centre is a representative work by the architect Hugo Ehrlich.

The Interior of Znanje Bookshop

The central part of King Zvonimir street, at the peripheral part of the neighbourhood, on the ground floor of the 1939 Gospodarska Sloga (Economic Agreement) building, housed the Znanje bookshop with its sophisticated modernist interior for years.

Croatian Medical Home

The representative modernist building of the Croatian Medical Home, seat of the Croatian Medical Association, a public association of Croatian physicians, medical professionals and dentists, opened in 1937.

St. Peters Church

The unassuming church with attractive exterior, dedicated to St. Peter, symbolically divides Vlaška street in half.

Unused spaces

In Martićeva and neighbouring streets there are many deserted storing places and outlets. Those places had previously been used as shops for the automobile industry. Also, there are many uncared-for yards surrounding apartment buildings, empty garages, warehouses and similar facilities.