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In the Search of Circle’s Beginning


It’s the title of the last novel by writer and university professor Marinko Koščec, which house Sandorf published in Zagreb in 2016. The author will present the book on February 28 at 7 PM in club Booksa, as a part of its program Literary budoir, this time led by Tomislav Augustinčić.

Marinko Koščec is an assistant professor at the Department of Romance Languages, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, as well as the author of six novels, a collection of essays, translations of contemporary French fiction and a study about of Michel Houllebecq. He was the editor of an anthology of French short stories Whisper In the Dark. The new novel In the Search of Circle’s Beginning was issued last November and has already gained very laudable critical reception.

The moderator of the evening Tomislav Augustinčić will start the conversation with the writer from the protagonists of the novel and their complicated lives, heavy relationships and problematic families, only to expand the discussion in terms of the conditions prevalent in contemporary society and how they shape the characters’ everyday lives.

Sentence “This if your life” marks the beginning of the novel. What kind of life is that? The theme of food extends throughout the novel and raises the question about the place which food holds in our lives today and what it compensates, too. What do we eat, how and why, how do we consume lifestyles and literature are one of the many topics which will be discussed. Everyone’s invited!




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