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Design Dialogues #23: Ana Labudović


Unidentified Flying Objetcs in the Hood


UFO, a new exhibition in Gallery Miroslav Kraljević by Ana Vuzdarić and Marko Gutić Mižimakov is part of the project My sweet little lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise) which presents works from the Kontakt Collection in Vienna along with other historical, contemporary and new works that provide interpretations and critical rethinking of the collection.
Founded in 2004, the collection includes capital works by a number of the most prominent artists from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from the 1960s onwards. The project is dedicated to Mladen Stilinović (1947 – 2016) and is named after his work from 1993, while it takes place from November 2016 to May 2017 in the course of six episodes set up in various gallery spaces, ateliers and private apartments. The project is curated by WHW in collaboration with Kathrin Rhomberg.

The Nameless One is a construct and a fantasy by Ana Vuzdarić created specifically for the project My Sweet Little Lamb. #000f-chan came about as a result of Marko Gutić Mižimakov’s need to leave Facebook and relinquish the care of his nine-year-old profile to someone else.

The First Step: #000f-chan and The Nameless One

The Nameless One is a collection of fragmented information that is accessed through a text-based game, the so-called text adventure. The Nameless One exists in a dystopian near future ― more precisely in 2020 ― where mankind has destroyed itself. The Nameless One is a manifestation of the author who finds it easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

Functioning as a bot and a fraud image, #000f-chan (or simply f-chan) had appeared in different stages of computer generated imagery even before Vuzdarić contacted Mižimakov.

The Second Step: Contact

As two not entirely formed characters, f-chan and The Nameless One inhabit the space of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. By taking over the function of the artist from the virtual space of Facebook, f-chan is transferred into the gallery space and is continually present through a ‘real-time broadcast’, while the text adventure of The Nameless One can be accessed in the gallery through QR codes.

The Third Step: UFO

On the last day of the exhibition, f-chan’s broadcast into the gallery and The Nameless One’s text adventure will end, thus leaving a brief trace of their contact.

The exhibition is on from February 17 to March 17. The entrance is free. See you at GMK!

The text is quoted from Gallery Miroslav Kraljević’s website.




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