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Ars publicae 2016: Water and public space


An open call for the preliminary design of the new Zagreb fountains or pumps is in course, announced as part of the two-year programme Water and Public Space by the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research (UIII) and its accompanying project Ars Publicae. The competition is intended for all interested creatives and open until September 25th, 2016 at midnight, .

From the open call, we highlight: “Zagreb is a city that has an extremely low culture of available drinking water in public spaces. Moreover, there has been a trend of neglecting and often removing existing fountains or pump in locations where there is a need for them. The City necessarily needs contemporarily designed new fountains or pumps which would offer the possibility of consumption of free drinking water at a number of locations in public spaces, and as such, become part of the identity of Zagreb.

Željezni Francek, Zagreb’s only typological pump which is (or was) to a greater extent present in public areas for drinking water, does not primarily function as a drinking fountain, nor does it meet contemporary standards (e.g. water consumption for the elderly who can not bend down), and there is an obvious need for a new decision for the establishment of a new network of public fountains which will be located in squares, parks, tram stations, on embankments and other public places. The open call for the preliminary design of the new Zagreb fountains or pumps aims to launch the idea of such a solution, and indicates the need for greater availability of free drinking water in public spaces of the city through a network of taps or pumps designed specifically for Zagreb and intended for all age groups and animals. It also examines the enormous unrecognized potential for designers in creating utility equipment that enters the public space of the city, opposite of the negative trend of weak catalogue solutions. The theme of the programme and competition also seek to affirm water as a public good.”

All details on the criteria and the implementation of the competition can be found on the website of the project Ars Publicae.



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Croatian National Bank Doors Open Days

Designed by the renowned Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić, the building of the Croatian National Bank was opened on 18 June 1927 to accommodate the Zagreb Stock and Commodity Exchange, the forerunner of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

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