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Festival 2017


Design District Zagreb is an initiative based on the idea of uniting communication and stimulating practical networking of all participants in the creative and cultural scene in Martićeva Street and its immediate surroundings.

It’s all about the neighborhood with borders on Draškovićeva, Šubićeva, Vlaška and Zvonimirova Street, as well as entrepreneurs and business projects located in that part of town. The idea is to gradually build an inclusive and quality platform for urban development with the help of methods and tools from design, architecture, art and all forms creating culture.

Step by step, the focus of the project is the permanent revival of the abandoned and unused infrastructure of the neighborhood: empty premises and street shop windows, abandoned buildings and neglected backyards, but also parks and green surfaces, whose purpose as a place for enjoying in games and relaxation is not completely accomplished today. Trying to, at least temporarily during the festival, fill up the public space with appropriate content available and intended for everyone, from the local population to visitors to Zagreb, the organizers of the festival are also trying to point out new ways of thinking about such spaces.

Project Design District Zagreb is primarily a yearly festival whose first edition was held from 16th to 19th June 2016, and this year’s edition will be held between the 13th and 18th of June. At the first festival as much as 220 participants (designers, architects, artists, activists, curators, communication experts, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs etc.) presented and/or realized 95 projects and programs. Up to and during the four days of the festival, 78 micro locations were activated and 49 sponsors, program partners and patrons were gathered, as well as 86 so called ‘local partners’. Around 30 000 citizens and visitors to Zagreb enjoyed in the program of the festival.

The rich program included exhibitions in both the exterior and interior, installations and interventions in public space, expert tours around the architecturally significant parts of the neighborhood, valuable and motivating competitions, workshops, discussions and round tables, a book fair, literary evenings, music and entertainment content and many other things open to all of the public. The program of the upcoming DDZ 2017 will be directed towards widening these frames – of course, with new surprises achieved through quality and innovative practices.
On these pages you can inform yourselves from week to week about the growth of Design District Zagreb 2017, but also about the daily events in the neighborhood, the numerous interesting things and events which continually occur in the many creative parts of the neighborhood.

See you at the district!